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A 13 Month Sacred Journey for great awakening, reclamation, discovery, remembrance, resurrection, liberation, sovereignty, deep transformation, and embodiment.

Welcome to the Initiation of the Phoenix, where we shall embark upon The Organic Ascension Path.

This is a path that many are just now awakening to; a path that is now made available again for all; a path that guides us home to our heart & soul.

This is the initiation of you as the phoenix rising through the ashes, as you resurrect yourself in the total remembrance of your divinity. To reclaim all that is ritefully yours, and step into your divine birthright for what you came here to do this life.

This is equally a service mission as it is a rite of passage. A doorway to a journey of great awakening, reclamation, discovery, remembrance, resurrection, and deep transformation. 

Together we will traverse on this sacred journey of the Lotus Eternal Tree of Life Template to reclaim, restore, and embody all that we are.

If you are calling out for the support, soul family, tools, and guidance that will help you through this ascension cycle, here it is!

We have combined all of the organic cycles and elements of our original creational system; we have brought all of the keys together.

We shall now make our way through each Constellation, Sphere, Stargate & Element. It is time to remember and re-align back to our natural cycles that hold the keys and star maps for you to fully embody your christ consciousness.

Now is the time to bring all into alignment, to train, to strengthen, and to awaken all that you hold within so you may rise into your fullest potential. 

With our greatest honor,

This is The Organic Ascension Path. This is The Initiation of the Phoenix.

This is a full spectrum process, where we will focus on all components of our body.







~ The Four Sacred Pillars ~

Four Pillars.png

Every  journey must begin with a strong foundation.


These are our four main pillars from which hold the core components of this initiation.


Avatar Embodiment Training

Galactic Zodiac.jpg

Galactic Zodiac
(Star Based Astrology)

Kathara Tree.png

Eternal Tree of Life
(Spheres & Stargates)

Sacred Sciences.jpg

Sacred Sciences & Alchemical Magic

This isn't just a course, this is a Divine Mission

Our Mission

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"Our core purpose is unification - the Cosmic Christ Principle - Freedom & Liberation, Sovereignty, Remembrance, Divine Unconditional Love and Peace for all of our family as an Energetic Reality, here and now. We are here to serve for the highest good of all family in all kingdoms."

We have come here at this time to assist you, all of our family, and our beloved planet during this Ascension Cycle. We are here as your divine reflection, so that you can remember who you really are and have always been. To help you to be able to step into your True and Authentic Self, to finally be free and develop into your Eternal God Self fully embodied.


Together we will rise and transcend.

Together we will heal, learn, release, restore & reclaim.


Together we will remember.


As we rise, we deepen into our purpose for what we came here to do. 


Each of us is an integral key to the all! Your key is needed! It is time for Heaven on Earth to unfold in action. We do this by coming together beloved.

If you are here for this same purpose; if you are ready to embody all that you are and to be of service for our planet and all life,

Join Us!

It is time we bring our keys together.

It is time to step fully into all that you came here to be.

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What is the Initiation of the Phoenix?

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As you begin this journey of sacred initiation, each stage is a process of alchemy that is designed to guide you through the Krystal Spiral of organic god source creation. Each Stage has its own element: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Aether and/or Azoth (FireWater) which provides you with the building blocks from which this alchemical process unfolds. Combined with the keys of the Eternal Tree of Life, this illuminates our pathway of ascent as we traverse through each Sphere and Element, working on each corresponding Chakra and Stargate. Our personal body is simply a mirror to the outside world, so with this innerstanding we are to work micro to macro, as within so throughout.


This  is a sacred rite of passage that holds the hidden keys from which the Essenes, the Magi Grail Orders, and many of our ancient lineages carried long before. This path is returning these initiations and ancient wisdom back to you, so you can reclaim that which is ritefully yours, so you can remember and re-align back to each element that plays a part to the divine orchestration of original god source creation....

Our Intents

Hieros Gamos.jpg
  • Avatar Embodiment Sequencing to embody higher consciousness God Self & prepare the body for full transfiguration

  • Focus on all bodies - Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Etheric/Astral, Light Bodies

  • Clear & Remove all entanglements, attachments, distortions, implants, anything that limits the consciousness

  • Release all trapped emotions, densities, blockages & debris, shadow work, painbody work, trauma release work & healing repair work - Self Love

  • Reclaim all parts/aspects of self, divine power, liberate through all layers of self to establish unified omni-presence throughout all

  • Remember - I remember who I am ,  Remembrance of all

  • Unlock Abundance, Gifts, Memories

  • Calibrate DNA & Lightbody to Organic Base 12 Sphere Template to restore eternal life function to body

  • Sovereignty , Learn to embody what Sovereignty actually is through all aspects of creation including the physical realm

  • Restore Sacred Sciences of Creation - learn true alchemy and magic 

  • Sacred Practices for each body system to develop, strengthen & heal self

  • Organic Eternal Life Ascension Sciences

Lotus in Bloom

~ What You Will Get ~

13 Stages & 15 Keys through the "Organic Ascension Path"

This Includes:

  • Live Group Calls via Zoom for Opening Ceremony (Session 0), Session 1, and Closing Ceremony + Replay.

  • Live Transmissions via Zoom for each Stage throughout the year + Replay. 

  • 14 Recorded Sessions - for each Stage & corresponding Constellation Transmission.

  • 15 Recorded Sessions - for each Sphere, Chakra & Stargate.

  • 5 Recorded Sessions - for the HeiroGamic Process that is a part of The Organic Ascension Path.

  • 13 Recorded Sessions - from previous Galactic Zodiac Cycle (2021) - Complete Organic Zodiac Template & full body clearing, repair & restoration process.

  • Recorded Ascension Classes. 

  • Live Ascension Group Classes via Zoom + Replay throughout the year.

          - Creational Sacred Sciences

          - Alchemy & Magic

          - Avatar Embodiment Training

          - Sovereignty

          - Ascension Mechanics

          - Body Practices & Applicable Tools, Tips, etc.

          - So much more...

  • 13 Recorded Quantum Healing Sessions from Amelia Tereszkiewicz as an additional support.

  • Telegram Chat & Support Soul Family Group.

  • All Course Materials from previous year & this year.

  • Bonuses throughout the year

          - Bonus content & material

          - One on One Sessions with Raia or Ryan

          - Fasting Protocols (we will have 5 Fasts throughout the year)

          - Parasite Cleanse Protocol

          - 7 Day Silent Retreat (8th Stage)

          - Physical Body Practices, Daily Practices, Disciplines, & Tools

          - Diet Tips, Holistic Health, Tools, etc.

          - Breathwork Practices

  • Opportunities for those of you who are fully dedicated to ascending into full embodiment and want to take things to the next level!

  • Lifetime Access to all Course Material!

This is truly invaluable, with all that is being offered here!

Give yourself this moment now to really tune in to your heart. What is your heart telling you?


 Embarking on this journey with us will ignite the path of truth within you. This is a journey where you are the one discovering for yourself. It will give you the opportunity to unlock your keys and step into your role as you remember why you came here at this time. Through each stage of this process, we will be going through every facet, every layer of our consciousness. This is the path for full embodiment! This is the greatest adventure of all lifetimes! 


We know there may be a lot of excitement mixed with some concerns and doubt.


Please, first and foremost, always trust your heart. Pray to our beloved Holy Mother & Father to guide you and your highest self into gnosis of what is right for you at this time. Really tune in.


We are calling to those of you who are here to be of service to all, who are ready to be the wayshowers, the doers, the ones who are ready to truly step into your greatest level of embodiment, holding your sovereign pillars, and ready to rise!


It is with great joy, honor, & reverence to share our heart-medicine with you beloved. If your heart says YES, let us know!


We look forward to taking this journey with you.

~ Testimonials ~

Calm Sea

"I’ve been so impressed with Ryan and Reza, the programs they offer, and the results I’ve gotten from the work we’ve done. These two are about as loving and pure-hearted as anyone I’ve come across in this life. They are 1000% dedicated to their mission and it has been a real pleasure and an honor to participate with them in both the Amenti Arc DNA program and the Organic Ascension Path program.

As far as my results from the programs, starting with the physical level, the timing of my period has normalized for the very first time in my 44 year-old life. I was not expecting that! Also, I finally this year found a solidly effective cure for a tenacious health issue I have dealt with for 25 years. I’ve been a natural health researcher for about that long too, so it’s very interesting to me that I only just now got to working with this remedy – I’d heard of it before but only felt called to it recently. I feel this turn of events was a reflection of healing happening on the higher planes from these programs which then precipitated me finding the solution I needed on the material plane.

My most exciting result of all is that I have come out of a period of being pretty disconnected from my dharmic path, where I was unable to access my inspiration which used to be very strong in me. Due to some years of prolonged hardship, I fell into a state where I lost sight of my former conviction of how much power I have to create my reality. I felt empty and lost from my own self. Many repeated thoughts of doubt and hardship streamed through my mind. Over the course of this year I have felt the strength to let go of those thoughts and the major resentment that propelled them. And then eventually I even got back to my dharmic work of writing self help material. I had let that go for the past 8 years because I felt I was in no position to be offering anyone else solutions for life because I was feeling so down myself. This is the turn-around that I have been praying for. I wanted to come back to life and be brought back online as a powerful expression of my spirit in this world. And here it is finally happening!

With the multi-dimensional approach to the programs that Ryan and Reza offer, I feel that there is an enormous amount to be gained by all participants who are serious about transformation and growth. Spirit told me “run, do not walk” to sign up, and I would tell others the same thing. I have so much gratitude to Ryan and Reza for their devotion and service in these offerings!"


~ Carrie Elizabeth, Initiate of the Krystic Path

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