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About Us

We Are Kryst Raia Ryan Melchizedek

"I am Reza Raia and I am Kryst Ryan and we are a HieroGamic Sacred Union. Together we are Kryst Raia Ryan Melchizedek. Our journey has been one of great remembrance and initiation. Our paths carry within them many chapters. Sometimes they each feel like entire lifetimes on their own! Through the twists and curves, ups and downs, there are things that have occurred in our lives that are inexplainable to ones experience.


We have now reached the moment in our embodiment where we have come together in divine sacred union. To be the divine reflection within and as we are throughout, that sparks great transformation. Oh how much we have been through. Like being pressurized into Diamond. We knew this was going to be a part of why we came here.


We are still on the path of remembering and reclamation, but we have reached a place of embodiment now where we know why we are here. We have returned as Universal Founder Representatives. Ancient ones. Some may feel our Emerald Blue Flame connection or our Dragon Phoenix connection. Some may feel our ancestral connection to the Melchizedeks, the Essenes, and Christos lines. Many faces we have played throughout many stories. We really are here just as you are beloved, a divine mirror of you as you are a mirror for us.


We are here now to help restore our organic templates. Fully devoted to the resurrection of the return of the Divine Mother, Father, Christ - The Sacred Holy Trinity and the rebirth of our christed consciousness.


We are here to assist in the divine mission to bring liberation, sovereignty, peace, unity and divine unconditional love back to our sacred lands & waters, our brothers and sisters, our home.


Through our eternal love, light codes and harmonics we are here to assist our Brothers, Sisters and all of God’s Creations during this Ascension Cycle, to be able to step into their True and Authentic Selves. Into their Eternal God Embodiment. We are here as your divine reflection, so that you can remember who you really are and have always been, to reclaim that which is ritefully yours, and rise into all that you are.


We have lived many lives, carried out many missions. This time beloveds, we are rising. It is part of our mission this rising, this ascension process. We all are experiencing this. Even those who have yet to feel again.

As we have been unlocking our gifts this life, the arts of song, alchemy, sacred sciences, harmonics, light codes, dance & movement, and frequency have become our orchestra in which we can support others in healing, awakening, reclamation, and reunification. We carry our own unique abilities through our intuitive connection to be able to architect, repair, and work with the multi-dimensional layers of our consciousness."

Raia works with the divine flow of sound and tuning into the emotional currents while Ryan works with the structure and tuning into the mechanics that need to be worked on. Together it is like a Divine Union of Masculine and Feminine energies that dance together in such a profound way. Those who share in the experience, are brought into a space of oneness and unconditional love that catalyzes so much for them.


A lot of what they know has been self taught through a guided path of cultivating their own inner gnosis through personal experience. They are always encouraging others to do the same so they too may truly learn and innerstand for themself. They hope to continue to serve others and help make this world a brighter more beautiful place once more. 


"We seek to co-create a world on Earth that encourages one another to strive to be better. Who help each other. Who give and receive equally. To feel love again and share love unconditionally. To return the sacredness of all that is.


We know as we remember, all is remembering. It is time for you to remember too.

Life is something we can shape. We are the painters. No longer do we have to abide to the conditions that have been set in place, this is yet another illusion many are awakening to. For us, we have chosen to paint a world of great beauty and grace, peace & prosperity. The synchronicities that unlock when you live to embrace your heart's path are infinite. Life becomes your ally in a co-creation of wondrous magical things.


Know that it is not always beauty in positive happy light, there is plenty of beauty in the darkness too. It is messy, silly, perfect and true. We are still learning! As student, as teacher, as wayshower, as guide. Through our own humanness.

We are on a mission of missions now until fully complete. You may be a part of this too. We intend to continue to offer all that we hold to assist our family at this time.

Thank you for finding us, thank you for being here with us, we love you so very much beloved.

Blessed be."

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