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Once we have received your submission, we will send you further details for donation exchange and the next steps to join! The reason for doing it this way, is so that you don't base your submission on the amount we ask in donation for this course. We want your decision and submission to be solely based on what your heart and soul is truly feeling! We can always work out the exchange from there. Consider this your first step in this initiation to trusting your heart and knowing that you have the power to manifest everything you require once you say YES!

For this particular journey, we are requiring a few things of you before joining:

- At least a foundational level of emotional & spiritual maturity. Meaning you can responsibly take care of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions (verbal etc.).

- At least a basic level of Sovereignty and Self Maintenance. We will be diving into deep aspects and layers of our consciousness. It is important that you at least are able to hold and maintain your own field.

- Curiosity, the willingness to release that which no longer serves you, and the willingness to apply yourself as much as possible to this journey.
- At least a baseline of spiritual innerstanding as we will be gradually diving into intermediate and advanced levels.

If you feel you can meet these things, then please continue!

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Thank You Beloved! We will get back to you soon!
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