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What is the Initiation of the Phoenix?


Back in 2017, we were transitioned into the next phase of missions to unfold. Everything has been divinely orchestrated. Through a year long process of great initiation and remembering, year after year since then, we slowly uncovered the hidden keys to what eventually became The Initiation of the Phoenix: The Organic Ascension Path.

Beloved, this is a sacred rite of passage. It is a doorway to a journey of great awakening, reclamation, discovery, remembrance, resurrection, and deep transformation. 

There are 13 Stages to this journey. Each Stage is based off of the Sun's alignment with the constellations that make up the Zodiac StarMap in correspondence to our Earth. This is a StarMap that holds 13 Constellations of which holds the entire codex for growth, evolution, and ascension. We are the stars, and the stars are a reflection of us. Our very own DNA actually has an intrinsic relationship with the Zodiac Constellations, and as the Sun moves through each one, it transmits the codes from these stars to us, giving us the instruction sets that guide our path for growth.


Over time, the innerstanding of our stars and the hidden knowledge of the purpose of astrology has become distorted, forgotten, and misrepresented. It is time to return back to the original sacred sciences of the stars and learn about the natural organic cycle of the Zodiac. When we can align back to the natural cycles of the cosmos, this returns us back into the divine flow with God Source, giving you the ease & grace for your life to be one of beauty rather than of struggle and confusion. There are aspects to our system here that are specifically designed to support us in our consciousness evolution; a fundamental system of mechanics, cycles within cycles, that are all meant to support each other; the Zodiac Constellations & the Planets, the Seasons, The Elements, the list goes on.

The Organic Ascension Path is a journey where we have combined all cycles and elements of our original creational system; we have brought all of the keys together.

As you begin this journey of sacred initiation, each stage is a process of alchemy that is designed to guide you through the Krystal Spiral of organic god source creation. Each Stage has its own element: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Aether and/or Azoth (FireWater) which provides you with the building blocks from which this alchemical process unfolds. Combined with the keys of the Eternal Tree of Life, this illuminates our pathway of ascent as we traverse through each Sphere and Element, working on each corresponding Chakra and Stargate. Our personal body is simply a mirror to the outside world, so with this innerstanding we are to work micro to macro, as within so throughout.


Together we will be implementing each of the Four Sacred Pillars that make up this entire journey: Avatar Embodiment Training, The Galactic Zodiac (StarBased Astrology), The Eternal Tree of Life (Spheres & Stargates), and The Sacred Sciences & Alchemical Magic.


This sacred rite of passage holds the hidden keys from which the Essenes, the Magi Grail Orders, and many of our ancient lineages carried long before. This path is returning these initiations and ancient wisdom back to you, so you can reclaim that which is ritefully yours, so you can remember and re-align back to each element that plays a part to the divine orchestration of original god source creation.


This path is one that will initiate you into many deaths & rebirths, remembering that in order to transcend and transform, we must shed the layers of the old and continually emerge into the new. We are to go through a spiritual death and rebirth as the Phoenix that is you rising into the total awakening, remembrance, and embodiment of your God Self. As you step deeper and deeper into the total expansion of your consciousness through every dimension and layer of your being. You will have challenges to go through. Each challenge presenting itself in your life to give you exactly what you need to get to the next level of embodiment. It is training in action to develop oneself. The Ascended Masters became the Masters from going through these initiations and learning from their experiences, from training & cultivating into deep mastery of the sacred arts of consciousness & energy.


This year long journey is the path to self mastery, it is the path of initiation to alchemizing all light, all dark, and everything in-between, into the unified, harmonized omni-presence of God.


This is about preparing our physical bodies to house as much of our eternal God Spirit essence. To continue to do so is to ascend. When we say ascension, we are actually transfiguring our physical body from where we are now as carbon based finite living lifeforms into a silicate based infinite eternal lifeform. Ascension is really an expansion process; it is the process of raising your vibration back into the Omni-Presence of Divine Unconditional Love, where you are expanding from one level or frequency of consciousness into another echelon of that same consciousness. Moving up the spiritual ladder as it were of each dimension that is really just you raising into the higher vibrations of your consciousness. It is all one body. So we are not really "going anywhere", rather "we are becoming". And as you actualize more and more from within so throughout, as you drop the densities, bring in more of your christed god essence, this is the process of ascension where you are raising the vibration into the total expanded embodiment of your divinity. This beloveds is what we will be doing together through this journey.

For those of you who are ready to dedicate yourself to the full embodiment of your multidimensional being, into the full bodied awakening of every cell, to ascend & transcend, to truly be free from all forms of limitation, from all fear, to unlock & develop your abilities, to unlock your keys and reclaim the sacred wisdom of creation, the Initiation of the Phoenix awaits you.

The natural organic cycles of our system here have now been restored. This will be the first year in thousands of years where we have access to these codes again. It is why so many are awakening now, because our systems are coming back online. A great service mission to repair the architecture to support all life again. An accumulation of all of the service work many across the planet have been doing. We are so very grateful for this accomplishment.


From beginning to end this entire course holds the templates for Ascension. It took a lot of work to get to this point, and we couldn't have done this without all of our family involved in this mission of missions to restore these parts of creation. The Organic Ascension Path is finally made possible again which is why this course is called exactly that. This is what we bring to you now. This is our offering. It is time to come back into alignment to these organic templates, to be free through all aspects of yourself, to remember, to release & clear all of the entanglements & distortions, and embody all that you are. 


This path is truly so very sacred and should be honored as such. Remembering that this too is a divine mission, a level of service for yourself and for all of our family. As within so throughout. With your dedication and devotion to a path such as this, the possibilities of where this shall bring you is infinite.

It is an honor to bring this to you at this time beloved. We are so grateful to have arrived at this momentous time of great awakening and grand rising.

All Our Love,

Kryst Raia Ryan Melchizedek

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