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Sacred Sciences & Alchemical Magic

Alchemy, Magic, and Astrology. These three fundamental aspects, when utilized in a trinity, are the foundation of the Sacred Sciences. What can be done with these sciences when aligned to the natural laws of creation, surpasses anything ever witnessed in any sci-fi or esoteric film depicted to humanity.


These sciences in their pure form have been long lost to mankind and many have forgotten; it has been a long mission to fully reclaim, and restore these sciences back into their highest organic manifestation.


Our ability as divine creators within this realm is our natural god given birthright. In fact, the human template is one of the most advanced genetic codexes in this entire universal system. Our bodies were created from the original Lyran Seedings designed from the God World Domains. But overtime, we experienced immense attacks and warring to access what was held within our angelic genetic code. Many races worked to hybridize us through genetic experiments, which further led to the more commonly known story of the Annunaki Human Seeding. This is in fact a level of digression that was forced upon the angelic humanity tribes in order to suppress our true abilities, and to begin to exert control over our species. Designing a finite system of control and enslavement that suited the ones who took control to serve themselves.


In this upcoming journey, we have been divinely sanctioned to utilize & implement these restored sacred sciences to not only liberate our own body & consciousness from the karmic wheel and reincarnation cycle, but to support the greatest level of planetary awakening, freedom & liberation. 


Beloved, this planetary awakening and liberation is why many of us chose to be here now. If you are finding this at this time, trust that you are one of the Divine Creators that came to reclaim and utilize these sacred sciences in their purest form for the highest good of all.


These true sciences are each a powerhouse on their own; 


Magic, as a force for direct creation.


Alchemy, as a force for divine transformation. 


Astrology, as a force for mapping out the energies utilized for creation.


However, know that it is only when we unify these 3 sciences together as a trinity, aligned to the Sacred Law of One, that our god creational power can begin to express itself.


When we bring these three sciences together, what we are able to do surpasses every form of occult practice and study ever shared, depicted, or witnessed throughout the previous millenias.

These sciences are called the sacred sciences for a reason. This is sacred knowledge cultivated into wisdom passed down from generation to generation. And therefore, we want you to innerstand how sacred these sciences truly are.


It is through these sciences, that we are blessed to be able to restore our Eternal Life Templates and begin the process of full cellular transfiguration into our 12 Strand Diamond Silicate Matrix Avatar Embodiment.


We have much to share on these subjects, as well as what happened to corrupt and distort these original sacred science teachings. Maybe even keys that you are meant to reclaim! We will save these discussions for those of you who embark on this journey with us. 


Just like the Phoenix dies and is reborn a new, we will be taking the original Geomantic Templates that were created at the beginning of the Previous Solar Year Cycle and upload them directly into the Earth Grid Systems. This is when the foundation of our work from this previous year, will finally begin to manifest throughout our entire reality and acts as an example of the sciences of alchemy that we are bringing back to mankind. This alchemy comes online in Cycles.


As the old template is transmuted, and the work from the last 13 months begins to manifest within all aspects of our lives, this will set the foundation for our next group and the Initiation of the Phoenix for this Solar Year from 2023 to 2024. 


We will then be creating a very sacred Geomantic Template as a group (the true science behind the Solomonic Pentacles & similar coded magic), in combination with the Eternal Life Alchemical Sciences & the True Astrological Alignment of the Sun. This will be a part of our application of the sacred sciences for the manifestation and initiation of the alchemy of The Organic Ascension Path; this blueprint will align you into the next Solar Cycle and support in the alchemical process throughout the year as we make our way through the Krystal Spiral of the Tree of Eternal Life.


As we move through the Initiation of the Phoenix from April 2023 to April 2024, this blueprint will alchemize through all 13 Core Alchemical Stages of the Sun, at which point we will be transmuting these templates into the grid systems for full manifestation in the Solar Year of 2024.


Whether you have studied forms of these sciences before, or are completely new to these, get ready to unlock the true power that's been held within you; it is time to remember who you truly are, and what you have always been capable of.

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