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What Does Sovereignty mean? What does BEING Sovereign actually mean?


These are some of the most important questions we could be asking at this time, as Sovereignty is a key that mankind is being asked to remember and reclaim now.


At a time where our laws and rights are being stripped away from us, our rights are being violated, the only way to reclaim our home and true freedom is when we are able to operate fully as a Sovereign Man and Sovereign Womb-man within the earth kingdom.


Gods Sovereign Law is a core Universal Principle that governs and supports all natural laws and processes, allowing each individual to thrive as a God Actualized, Sovereign Recognized, Eternally Free Being. This is a natural law that is set for all life in all kingdoms, and we as Guardians of the Earth are required to reclaim this sacred key in order for our true mission and god given authority to manifest for the highest good of all.


The loss of our Sovereignty, leading to the inevitable loss of our true freedom, has been a core fundamental lesson for all of mankind. It is now time for us to learn from our lessons, and take full responsibility for all of our actions so we can finally embody all that we truly are.


When we reclaim this key, we as a family can finally end all forms of control and oppression forced upon humanity at this time. It is time that we fully discover how to set our own law to govern our own life; in this way we will be able to live life fully on our own terms, without ever giving away ourself, our property, or our rights to anyone ever again.


We will be clearly focusing on Personal, Planetary, Galactic, & Universal Sovereignty. As above, so below; as within, so throughout. The sovereign law is upheld at each density-dimensional level, and when we can learn how to live truly sovereign on a personal and planetary level, we will naturally become aligned to this sacred principle on a Galactic and Universal Level. 


We have much of our family who have activated the deep galactic and multidimensional codes, and have learned to hold a sovereign field in these realms, but are still bound by a false-parental legal system that diminishes our rights and limits our actions in this physical system. Equally, we have many who are very grounded and anchored into the physical world and sovereign law, yet have failed to activate and embody their higher galactic coding. It is time we bring everyone into a zero-point alignment to begin to unlock, reclaim, and embody all facets of our divine nature.


- Through this course you will be learning how to lawfully end taxation, and be able to keep 100% of your compensation from your own work, without ever having to hide or lie about it.


- We will remember how to protect our family and property against any attacks, without ever needing to fight or defend ourself.


- We will remember how to be free from oppressive governmental oversight, and from those of mankind who act as agents with government titles without ever having to hide or live in fear.


- We will liberate ourselves from all fear and fully overcome all psychological and emotional barriers stopping us from living our life to the fullest!


- As we move through this, we will continue to activate and attune this Sovereign encodement to the Galactic & Universal Sovereign Law, allowing us to embody this Natural Law throughout all levels of creation.


This is the key to our freedom beloved, in every way shape and form. By the time this course is complete you will have all physical, spiritual, and energetic templates required to truly embody your greatest self in all facets of life.


If you feel you are ready to be free, to reclaim your life, to reclaim our home peacefully, gracefully, and lovingly, 


Join us. Are you ready to be Sovereign?

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