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12 Sphere Tree of Eternal Life & Stargate Portal Passageway

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What is the Tree of Eternal Life?


This is our original organic template that holds the consciousness and gateway access to all personal, planetary, galactic, and universal gateways. This is the key to our ascension and evolution in consciousness.


This is not to be confused with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life that only has 10 or 11 Spheres. The difference is that one supports a finite life template that is self consuming and will eventually age and die, and the other is an eternal infinite life template that is self sustaining and will never decay. Both blueprints are for two different purposes and support two different types of systems. A lot of the Guardian Team restoration work has been to reconnect the 12th Sphere and reconnect all Spheres back to Zero Point, so we can restore our original blueprint that will shift this system we have been in back into an eternal life self sustaining system. This is what we are currently transitioning back to as a part of the transfiguration process happening within our bodies.


Each Sphere of this Tree of Eternal Life Blueprint is also represented through our Chakra (pronounced Sha-Ka-Ra) System, each Chakra operating as an energy center that governs specific principles throughout our body. They are also meant to modulate the higher and lower frequencies from the various Dimensional-Density planes and give us access to our stations of identity that reside at each dimensional level.


The 12 Sphere Tree, also referred to as the Ka-Tha-Ra Grid, holds the eternal life potential within. This is a geometrically perfected template that is able to house and support all layers of consciousness expansion and evolution. It is the core creational blueprint from which everything is made of micro to macro, macro to micro.


We have 12 Spheres & 12 Houses that are meant to support each other through 4 density levels of trinitized bodies - Harmonic Triads. We have 5 Harmonic Triads that makes up one individual human being. Harmonic Triad 1, for example, is our Personality Identity Matrix residing at a 3rd dimensional level (3D) in density 1.


It is made up of three components:


1D (Unconscious Subconscious Mind/"Hard Drive" where consciousness enters Physical Matter), 


2D (Instinctual Mind holding all addictions, emotions, and the Processor of Default Patterns/Programs), 


3D (Conscious Mind, Birth Imprint). 


When trinitized together, we have our Incarnate Station of Identity: where we reside in the physical here, that processes the Material/Elemental Forces of Physical Matter. 


This is what most people have identified with as "who they are" when in reality this is just the first station of identity of many more that make up the whole self. Realizing there is much more to our expression as we expand from the first Harmonic Triad into the entire Tree of Life - our full "I AM" self.

As we embark upon The Organic Ascension Path, we will be making our way through each Sphere & Chakra of the Eternal Tree of Life in correspondence with each Stage. Because of the falls that occurred over the last aeon or so of time, our original blueprint within our own bodies became damaged and as a memory record throughout each Harmonic Triad of our being, became fragmented. This is why some of us can innerstand the concept of Soul Shards for example, where a Soul Shard is actually a fragment of our Soul Matrix that we need to reclaim and heal. So as we traverse through each Stage/Sphere, we will be reclaiming and bringing the fragments of our being back into wholeness to restore each Harmonic Triad and Matrix - Incarnate Matrix, Soul Matrix, Monad Matrix, Avatar Matrix, and back to our Rishi Matrix. This is how we are to fully embody our consciousness through every dimensional level of our being.

Over time, as our family fell and digressed, our original history was erased and replaced. We had splits that occurred that led to factions of our family digressing into service to self behaviors. We had groups who digressed so far, they no longer could operate at the higher frequency levels of being and decided they wanted to stay at the frequency they were at because to them, this became their own personal game of greed, control, and manipulation. So they attempted to lock humanity into the lower spheres, without ever being able to activate the higher angelic codex, in order to keep this system locked into a finite matrix where they could continue their games. To do this they had to remove the 12th Sphere and disconnect us from zero point; our access to the infinite, to the all. You see these factions & groups had digressed to where they themselves were already disconnected from zero point, from source, and so they had to change the design of our system here so they could continue to survive. This is when a blueprint was created that would support them: The Artificial Tree of Life. This is why now many of the ancient teachings shared are a digressive form of our original blueprint depicted through a 10 or 11 sphere tree blueprint. This can be viewed in the Kabbalah and the tree of life teachings with the 10 to 11 sphere/sephiroth. This is a finite system blueprint of fragmented expansion that works with an artificially created Tree of Life Matrix, a form of machinery that was plugged into the original Tree of Eternal Life - our actual home matrix system. Once this was plugged in, this then entangled everyone who incarnated here to that Matrix. What we perceive as "The Matrix" we need to get out of, is actually this blueprint and finite artificial matrix system that these groups created. The Artificial Tree of Life Matrix was designed to work to drain from and mislead our family into a form of finite-false ascension that generates reversal Avatar Templates to support the fallen ones, but never allows for the true Eternal Life Template to manifest. Over time this leads to immense polarity extremes, which is why many who have accessed certain "powers" and "abilities" have never been able to make the impact on all of the collective that we as eternal life emanations of God are truly able to make, and instead get locked into the cycle of looping reincarnation.


This is where most of humanity gets stuck in; most haven't been able to get past the 1st Harmonic Triad, Spheres 1-2-3. At least for the last 26,556 years, as the addictions and programs in the 2nd Sphere combined with the strategic manipulation to our spheres and operation centers, have held back humanity and made it extremely difficult to be able to evolve past that level. We haven't been able to then move into the next triad, Spheres 4-5-6 where our Soul Matrix resides, which allows our 2D Sacral and Womb Center to be reconnected with our 4D Heart. This creates a 2D 4D Split, where we lose our sense of who we are as we are essentially disconnected from our Soul and from our Heart. We then find people operating only in Harmonic Triad 1, aren't able to operate from their heart, rather they operate from their Sacral 2D Level of Consciousness - The Instinctual Mind.


There is a process of evolution through the spheres that can only happen when we restore the base 12 eternal life template, reconnect zero point, and actively devote ourselves to healing and clearing all limiting thought forms, addictions, and programs; this is a key component of what we will be doing throughout this journey.

In fact if you are unable to activate the higher 4th Dimensional Frequencies of the heart and 4th DNA strand during the ascension cycle, the ability to rejuvenate the body with higher frequencies and increased life force energies is blocked. If this happens, and the spiritual biology is unable to receive and circulate these higher frequencies, our 3D station of identity (our current physical embodiment) becomes locked in place within this time matrix. This means that even if the planet has shifted into higher timelines, the body will be unable to self-regenerate and will require another way in order to continue evolution through the organic ascension path. This forces many not properly aligned to the organic ascension path to go through the death cycle and leave their current body, or for some, to utilize transhumanist procedures with A.I. technology (and the Artificial Tree of Life) in attempts to achieve temporary immortality.


There is one core creational blueprint that restores our home where we can fully be all that we are unbound & unlimited, and this is the secret key held within the reconnection to the 12 Sphere Tree of Eternal Life.


It is through this journey that we embark on the unraveling & disentanglement from the Finite Artificial Tree of Life Matrix, to allow ourselves to be reconnected back to the infinite organic Eternal Tree of Life Matrix, which allows us to not only ascend in alignment to our true nature, but equally reconnects us back to the 12th House, Lyra, and god source.


Within each sphere is equally a sacred Stargate Portal System that can be accessed through the internal or the external Stargate (templar) system. While we are still in a process of repairing and restoring the external Stargate locations, the inner Stargate system is open and available to traverse through for those who have aligned to the sacred law of one, god's natural laws, and hold the necessary encodement to gain access through these higher systems and get past the quarantine fences.


We have stations of identity that reside at all dimensional levels, and during this process we will be traversing back through the Eternal Tree of Life, bridging and connecting back with our higher selves located in 5D Tara, 7D Gaia, and 12D Lyra-Aramatena.


Through each stage of The Organic Ascension Path, we will be harmonizing and attuning the genetic templates to hold the corrected Eternal Life Codex of each sphere in alignment with god's natural laws, fully unlocking your ability to safely traverse through the higher consciousness planes, and to be able to eventually travel freely within and throughout the infinite god-world creations held in the higher heavens. Each Sphere holds within it a set of lessons & challenges in which we will journey through to regain the core innerstandings of our bodies and regain our abilities. This is a path to self discovery, self healing, and self mastery.


If you are ready to unlock the infinite expansion & expression of your true divine nature and to embody all that you are, join us beloved; the time is now.

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